my story

Having experienced a lot of mental abuse as a child I formed a lot of negative thoughtforms around feeling unloved and feeling useless and alone, like I was unwanted. In my teens this led to a feeling of not knowing who I am and a sense of being lost.By my twenties I was using recreational drugs to cope with the pain and suffering I was feeling  and would put a mask on and pretend like everything was ok, By my late twenties I felt like a ticking time bomb, I had tried anti-depressants which just made me feel nothing at all. I felt like life was just consuming me. By this time i had tried lots of therapies from counselling to anger management and I didn’t find that there was anything out there that actually helped me deal with my anger and find the the root cause of my emotional issues . I was at a point in my life where I just couldn’t live like this anymore. I was fed up with being so miserable and lost. It was at this time in my life that I found breath4lifetm  breathwork which is an action therapy. What I found was after the session my coach had said there would be lots of aha moments of clarity and what stunned me was the aha moments came thick and fast and I was able to get some profound insights into the root causes of my pain and suffering.So I decided to commit to my own path of gaining self awareness which later led me to train as a one to one practitioner and group facilitator.

I am so passionate about handing on this knowledge and tools of this incredible action therapy that I formed Inner Balance as a vehicle to disseminate  this life changing and practical way of living.My absolute wish for you is it changes your life to the degree it has changed mine.

It is my mission to introduce breath4 life breath work to as many people as possible because I sincerely know it will change so many lives which are spent in pain, addiction and suffering.It may sound grandiose but I am committed to get this out to orthodoxy and corporate world as I truly believe this could help change the world.