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Emma Meredith, 38, from Surrey, UK, has been amazed at how much Breath4Life has helped her achieve. Dyslexic and on the autism spectrum, she had no self-confidence and had been taking the antidepressant drug Prozac since she was 16. She also suffered from chronic fatigue. "I spent about 10 years in bed, out of work, or I could only work part time about five hours a day, and then my parents had to pick me up because I was so exhausted.

"I have been doing breathwork for just over a year, once a month, and my whole life has changed dramatically. After only three sessions, I came off my medication. I haven't had any chronic fatigue since I started. In fact, I now have my own doggy daycare business. I look after three dogs, five days a week, and I take them on 5k walks every day!"

As an added bonus, Emma's early-onset menopause, which started at age 35, has now also completely reversed. "When I went to Matthew, I thought it might help with the depression. I did not know how big the scale of the work is when you get into the unconscious mind. I am happier now than I ever have been, and I'm full of vitality."

I am so grateful to Matthew and Breath4life breathwork. I have done 3 sessions to date and it has enabled me to deal with deep-rooted emotions and traumas. I feel so much more peaceful and grounded, more present in the moment and it has helped me to cope better with the lockdown. I have grown both as a person and an actress.’                     


Carole Le Clanche

My first reiki session with Matthew blew my mind. I had deep rooted emotions which needed to be cleared and wow, did you clear them! After my treatment I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I felt so much calmer, peaceful and the happiest I'd been in ages.

Matthew has a wonderful, benevolent energy that you can feel from the moment you meet him.

Thank you Matthew, you are a shining star of light in this sometimes dark world we live in!

karen Hawthorne

Danielle, 34, a healthcare worker, turned to Matthew to overcome severe anxiety and depression as a result of growing up with an alcoholic mother, sexual abuse at 14, and the death of her fiancé and mother within a few months when she was 19. Years of unresolved trauma led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a prescription for antipsychotic drugs for life.

"I did not want to accept the diagnosis," says Danielle. "I knew it was not me, and the behaviors were not me. My instability was triggered by unresolved emotions, especially anger," she said. "I also had so much fear, and it affected many areas of my life: I had a good job, but I was afraid to go for promotion, and I was in and out of toxic relationships."

After a year of twice-monthly breathwork sessions, she is completely different: "I was a severe insomniac, and now I sleep well at night. I came off my medication after about six months. I have been promoted at work, and currently I have really good relationships with my friends and family.

"I also used to suffer with bulimia and had huge body insecurities, which I am still working my way through, but I am not making myself sick, and I am not worrying about my weight so much. I used to wear hair extensions, artificial eyelashes, lots of makeup and inject filler in my lips.

"I had so little confidence in how I looked. Matthew has taught me to embrace the real me. For the first time in my life, I can stand tall and proud and happy because I know who I am, my flaws and good points."

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